VINCENT heated mats

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Vincent heated mats


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VINCENT Heated Mats

Heated mats for floors and walls— specially designed for minimally heated spaces.

These heavy-duty, high-density heating mats are a money-saving way to heat commercial and residential buildings that are kept at low temperatures. They are manufactured using high-quality recycled plastic from electrical cables.  The mats contain water-bearing, diffusion-tight 8x1 mm pipes. These pipes are pressed into the grooves of each panel and connected to the heating manifold.

Material Properties

VINCENT heated mats are environmentally friendly and cost effective. They’re made from highly compacted recycled plastic. We aim to create a superior product while making meaningful use of discarded plastic material.

Our mats have a high load-bearing capacity, even when it comes to heavy machinery; they can handle up to 3,000 kg/dm². The mats are non-slip and abrasion resistant.

Highly resistant to chemicals, water, and oil.

Flammability rating B1 + Q1. VINCENT mats include a self-extinguishing feature: They contain a pressurized liquid that will help stop an initial spark.


Advantages of Heated Floor Mats

Very thin construction with a total hight of just 13 mm.

The sides of VINCENT mats can be precision cut or molded into sloped edges for pallet trucks, forklifts, etc. They can be driven over with heavy loads.

These mats can be assembled like puzzle pieces, allowing for a custom fit. Each panel measures 750 mm x 1125 mm and has a height of 13 mm

The entire VINCENT panel system can be relocated or removed. For rental/temporary needs, it can easily be uninstalled and picked up after use.

Due to the material’s weight and flexibility, these mats can only be used in a limited capacity on uneven floors.

VINCENT mats don’t require the use of any adhesives, so they can be laid on tiles and other high-quality flooring without the risk of damage.

If needed, they can be connected from one side only. This makes the puzzle-like pieces easy to assemble in low-heated hallways of any size.

VINCENT mats save energy by comfortably heating specific work stations instead of the air in an entire building.

They have a low thermal inertia compared to traditional floor heating systems and can be adjusted to a lower setting at night. 


Guidelines for Heating Capacities

(Highly dependent on local conditions):

With 30° temperature setting: 45 to 65 W/m²

With 35° temperature setting: 55 to 85 W/m²


Technical Data (Per Mat)

Panel size (tongue to tongue): 750 mm x 1125 mm, H= 13 mm

Surface area per panel: 0.84 m², Weight without plastic tubes: 8x1 mm 14.5 kg/panel

Weight with plastic tubes: 17.26 kg/m²

Pipe spacing (center to center): 76 mm

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