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Barn mats are a hygienic and economic permanent solution for riding and washing areas, feeding places, barns, paddocks, horse boxes, stable lanes, as well as in horse trailers or transporters. They make the daily business much easier.

They cause lower costs and easier work to do. Result: you can spend more time with your horse.


  • improved shure-footedness

  • appropriate softness supports the mechanic of the hoofs, tendons and joints

  • isolating effects for heat - less muscle diseases, rheumatism or stiffness

  • less sound transmission for more silence within the barn

  • less dust and lower costs due to less bedding

  • massive volcanic rubber does not absorb liquids, this leads to best hygienic conditions. The mats absorb no bacteriums as well.

  • easy to clean at any time, simply hose the mats off

  • every single mat can be replaced for cleaning or move

  • barn mats are highly robust, durable for a long time and recyclable

  • comfortable and joint friendly pads for dogs and horses

Our barn mats are hoof-friendly, slip restistant, isolating against coldness, permanently elastic, easy on joints. You'll have lower costs due to less bedding.

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