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You can use the diversity of fall protection mats and full rubber mats for your private areas.

Within this category you can find elastic layers and products for indoor and outdoor, all around your home, garden and terrace.

Slabs made of rubber provide a feeling while standing or walking which any other material can offer. Frost damage on this elastic mats are impossible. You receive slip resistant, safe and easy-care layer, which can resist unfriendly seasons and snowfall.

Rubber layers are a strong alternative for home floors which take a lot of punishment.

Rubber layers is supposed to protect the floor against damage or falling equipment. Especially in outdoor areas, where rot a lot of materials they are a big advantage. In indoor areas the layers and mats protect the floors, shelves, equipment, chairs, desks and so on.

Interruption of sound transmissions are esteemed for e.g. washing machine mats.

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